Tuesday, December 02, 2008

UNFCCC: Why technology is so important

Environmentally sound technologies (ESTs) are important for mitigation and adaption. They "provide win-win solutions, allowing global economic growth and emissions mitigation to proceed hand in hand". The developing world needs access to this technology.

The 'Why technology is important' fact sheet (from the UNFCCC) gives some basic background on the importance of technology development and transfer, especially given that "the greatest greenhouse gas mitigation potential - around 70% of what is possible world-wide" is in the developing world.

Developing nations badly need access to current technology (such as solar and wind and more energy efficient systems) to help reduce the impact of their growing populations on the environment. This is why mechanisms, such as the CDM, are so critical in helping to deliver sustainable energy systems to the regions in the world that need them the most (those with massive population growth and increasing levels of consumption, emissions and environmental damage such as deforestation).

However, given 75% of the CDM projects in the pipeline are in only six countries (China, India, Brazil, South Korea, Mexico and Malaysia), there is a need for much better transfer of renewable technology to the other developing nations (particularly within Africa, as currently only South Africa is in the top ten of number of CDM projects). Therefore more help is needed from developed countries to assist developing countries to build green infrastructure.

The fact sheet covers mitigation; adaption; how to drive technology; the role for governments; the role of business; technology cooperation under the UNFCCC (past and present); and technology related items to be discussed in Poznan.

Anyway, worth a read.
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