Monday, December 01, 2008

Australia refuses to make 2020 commitment before Poznan

Why is Australia dragging the chain again on the international stage when it comes to climate change (the most serious issue of our time)? We will recover from the economic crisis - although capitalism will be in a different form - however, climate change continues to grow (in both complexity and size) and the time to act is becoming increasingly short. Some scientists suggest we have less than 100 months before we reach critical tipping points with regards to climate chnage. Stern and others have pointed out that it is much cheaper to act sooner rather than later when it comes to climate change.

We really do need to set a target now to show the world (especially developing nations such as China and India) that Australia is serious about doing the right thing when it comes to taking action.

The UK has a 2020 target and the US (under Obama) will bring in a 2020 target - I just think that it is a poor decision for Australia to not set a target now. Why wait until after the meeting? To protect the economy as they suggest? Oh please, give me a break. When are they going to realise that sustainable development is is not a choice between jobs or the environment, rather a balance between 'green jobs and green infrastructure' and 'brown jobs and emission intensive infrastructure'.

Australia should lead the way (start by making a strong 2020 taget NOW - 25% minimum - or it is a joke !!!) and take advantage of the many green opportunities available.

Anyway, here are some news-stories on Australia failing to set a 2020 greenhouse gas target target prior to the international climate change meeting Poznan.

Wong backflips on emissions target announcement

Greens lash emissions target 'cop-out'

Wong defends delay to climate target

"This is a complete shemozzle from the Government. Here's Australia, which was the big sensation at Bali is going to be the big cop-out at Poznan" said Bob Brown.

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