Monday, December 15, 2008

WWF says 5-15% pitiful !!

Here is the reaction from WWF on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.
Australia's carbon emissions target of 5-15% 'pitiful': WWF
15 Dec 2008

WWF said the abject emissions reduction target announced today came as a result of the Australian Government pandering to lazy and short-sighted polluting businesses.

The organisation slammed the target of 5-15 per cent by 2020, saying heavy industry was being let off the hook despite having known for more than a decade they would have to reduce emissions.

"This target is completely unacceptable," said Paul Toni, WWF-Australia Program Leader Sustainable Development.
"Australia's big polluters have forced the Government to sacrifice ordinary Australians' future prosperity for their short term profits today. We are glad to see that Scheme is scheduled to commence in 2010, however, we need a cut of at least 25 per cent to stand any chance of avoiding the catastrophic impacts of climate change."

"The Australian Treasury's economic modelling has shown that cuts of 25 per cent are affordable and achievable if part of an international agreement. This should be the government's aim."

Mr Toni said the pain Australian families were experiencing due to the global financial crisis would only worsen in the future if the Government was not ambitious with its pollution reduction target now.

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