Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The 'Garnaut Review 2011'

Here is the final report from the economist Professor Ross Garnaut (available here) called "Garnaut Review 2011: Australia in the Global Response to Climate Change".

First here is the man himself:

"The final report of the update process, is the product of seven months of careful research, analysis, expert studies and consultation, which have examined key developments in the past two and a half years across a range of areas—the climate science, global greenhouse gas emissions, international progress on climate change mitigation, Australia’s land and electricity sectors, innovation and technology, and carbon pricing. Eight detailed update papers were released between February and March 2011. Two supplementary notes came out at the same time as this book. These materials and other supporting information can be found on the Garnaut Climate Change Review website at"  

Ross Garnaut

The Review is well worth a read for anyone interested in the issue of Climate Change and Australia. It is fairly easy to read, but if you are short on time, I would suggest reading the introduction as it gives a good summary of the review. 

The Review is split into three parts:

(Part 1) The Global Shift

(Part 2) Australia's Part

(Part 3) Australia's Transformations

I also saw Professor Ross Garnaut speaking at the National Press Club to launch the report. He presented the main points well and overall gave a great speech. Still, I think that rather than the 'let the facts speak for themselves' approach, he might be better to use some tricks from environmental psychology to get his message across. 

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