Thursday, November 27, 2008

Coalition building within the context of post-Kyoto climate negotiations

With the Poznan meeting only a few days away (starts 1st Dec); I thought people might like to a short (only six pages) and easy to read summary of issues relating to building an effective post-Kyoto protocol. The paper is called "The challenging Task of Negotiating a Climate Change Protocol", by van der Gaast 2008. It is aimed at people who would like to be quickly briefed on the status of current climate negotiations and the complexities of the climate policy negotiation game (shortly before the Poznan sessions).

It contains the following topics:

  • Our climate and energy challenge (see figure 1 below)

  • Climate negotiations as a complex game (game theory and prisoners dilemma)

  • Current climate policy negotiations (including the United States failure to join Kyoto)

  • Facilitating coalition building and the road forward (e.g. do we lower targets to get the United States to join?)



Paper here:

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