Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Future climate projections for 52 developing countries

The United Nations Development Program and the School of Geography and Environment at Oxford University have generated country-level studies of climate observations and multi-model projections for 52 developing countries, which are now available at:

For each of the 52 countries, a report contains a set of maps and diagrams illustrating the observed and projected climates of that country as country-average timeseries' as well as maps depicting changes on a 2.5° grid, and summary tables of the data.

A narrative summarises the data in the figures, and placing it in the context of the country's general climate.A dataset for each country containing the underlying observed and model data in text format is also made available, through the website above, for use in further research.

Some of the developing countries include Afghanistan, Chad, Cuba, Pakistan, The Bahamas and Zambia.

Well worth a look!!

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