Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE)

Here are some links to some great papers on green power, food issues and climate change from the ATSE Focus. Including one by Mark Diesendorf (my lecturer in Frameworks at EIS).

Volume 152 - October 2008 - Green Power
Carbon capture and storage barriers not insurmountable - Peter Cook
Solar energy - the punter's choice, but is it realistic? - John Wright
Nuclear options: many countries have faced the same issues - Ziggy Switkowski
Photovoltaics: an elegant technology for electricity - Andrew Blakers
Responding to climate change with accelerated energy technology - John Burgess
Hot rock energy a likely source of baseload power - Martin Albrecht and Doone Wyborn
Wind power can do it now - Mark Diesendorf
Ocean power reaching a fork in the road - Tom Denniss
Harnessing biomass to fuel Australia’s growth - Sharif Jahanshahi
Converging technologies for biosecurity - Greg Tegart and Stephen Prowse
Green light for grey buildings: new hope for old offices - Paul Sloman
Policy vhanges necessary for a vibrant higher education system - Don Watts

Volume 151 - August 2008 - Food for the World
Tackling the global food challenge - Julian Cribb
Equity and morality in food and technology: biofuels or food? - Lindsay Falvey
Biotechnology and research in nutrition and health - David Topping
Food engineering for the future: a chemical engineer's perspective - Xiao Dong Chen
The GM food issue: Australia in the spotlight - Matthew Morell
Carbon dioxide and the oceans - Lance Endersbee
Jobs growth and the demand for skills training - Fred Smith
Social implications of the boom: a signpost for the future? - Daniela Stehlik

Volume 149 - April 2008 - Climate Change
The widening scope of climate change - Graeme Pearman
Australia's climate response priorities need to change - Ken Dredge
It's time to move forward - Brian Sadler
Oceans of change - John Church
Garnaut: general issues and particular interests - Gavan McDonell
Flawed climate-change advice from big science - Brian O’Brien
A case against climate alarmism - Richard Lindzen
Hydrogen still has plenty of research challenges - Ian Rae

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