Friday, January 30, 2009

Some more lectures from MIT: Nicholas Stern and Ronald Prinn

Here are a couple of more lectures from MIT, that I watched this morning. The first talk is given by Nicholas Stern on the economics of climate change. He argues that early action to reduce greenhouse gases is needed and he suggests that a business-as-usual approach could reduce global GDP by more than 5% each year, forever! The second lecture is given by Ronald Prinn who examines the various pieces of evidence for anthropogenic climate change and also discussus the uncertainties involved in the science. Worth a look !!

Climate Change: The economics of and Prospects for a Global Deal

Sir Nicholas Stern gives an economic perspective on climate change and suggests that climate change is "the greatest market failure the world has ever seen".

Also see: Update: Stern on Climate Change

Anthropogenic Climate Change: Science, Economics and Policy


Ronald Prinn speaking on the evidence for anthropogenic climate change. Using MIT’s Integrated Global System Model "which helps show how human industry, agriculture and consumption feed into the delicate, interconnected physical and biological workings of atmosphere, ocean and earth."


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