Sunday, January 04, 2009

I have been in the Bouddi National Park for the past 12 days!!

Just magic views !!

No running water, but plenty of fauna and flora to explore.

Also plenty of quiet beaches to surf/swim and play.

The sun goes down on 2008.
Note: A big thankyou to the Park Rangers (who were friendly, fantastic and helped us all heaps, especially driving us up the hill in their 4WD with all our camping stuff) and also to our friendly neighbours who gave drinking water, ice and beers for the old esky and also to Phillip for picking us up in my car (and also putting air in the tyes) and the wheelbarrow.
Overall, fantastic relaxing holiday.


Mu said...

Doh! We were at Tallow Beach, Bouddi National Park!! (the Royal National Park is south of Sydney)

Knowledge is Power said...

Opps . . . fixed thanks