Sunday, October 26, 2008

How to talk to a climate change denier

Here is a link to some great informatin on how to talk to a climate change skeptic (note: I prefer to call them deniers rather than skeptics because they hold fast to their misheld beliefs and are not open to changing their minds).

There are 5 stages of denial:

1. There is nothing happening (yes, climate change is happening)

2. We don't know why it is happening (yes, we do know why it is happening)

3. Climate change is natural (but what we are seeing is not 'natural' climate change)

4. Climate change is not bad (yes it is !!)

5. Climate change cannot be stopped (yes it can, if we all do something about it!!)

They go through all the often used arguments (e.g 'not enough evidence', 'it is cold here today' , 'we can't trust computer models' and 'its from volcanoes') and explain why they are wrong.

Well worth a read if you want to know more.

Climate change is here and we all need to do something about it.
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