Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Garrett blames Howard govt for poor environment rating

Here is a story on Peter Garrett blaming the Howard government for Australia's poor rating (Australia rated 5th largest ecological footprint per person in a WWF report).

Garrett blames Howard govt for poor environment rating

Wed Oct 29, 2008

ABC online

Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett has blamed the previous government for the nation's poor global rating in environmental exploitation.

A study on the health of the planet has found humans are using the world's natural resources faster than ever - and Australians are among the top offenders.

Conservation group WWF ranked Australia as the country with the fifth largest ecological footprint per capita, with eight hectares of land reportedly needed to maintain the lifestyle of each Australian - four times the sustainable amount.

The report points to Australia's carbon emissions, cropping and grazing practices as being the largest contributors to the poor rating.

Mr Garrett says the ranking comes as no surprise because the previous government failed to act on environmental issues for years.

"It's something which we've known about, it's been there in our state of the environment reports in the past," he said.

"This government is strongly committed to doing something about the state of our environment, but I really think that Howard government ministers now in opposition should hang their heads in shame when we get a rating like this, because what it says is we haven't had effective national leadership."

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