Friday, October 31, 2008

Climate change fight as important as ever: Rudd

Below is a newstory from ABC news about the cost of an emission trading scheme (about 0.1 percent of national GDP and increasing household energy bills by $7 per week).

Glad to hear Rudd is still pushing climate change during these diffficult economic times.

The scientific reality is that we need to act now !!

The current financial crisis will pale into insignificance compared to the possible dangers involved in a serious climate change crisis.
Climate change fight as important as ever: Rudd

Fri Oct 31, 2008
ABC news

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says the threat of climate change remains as significant as it was before the global financial crisis.

Yesterday the Government released Treasury modelling showing that an emissions trading scheme would have an impact on economic growth of around 0.1 per cent, as well as possibly increasing household energy costs by around $7 per week.

"The challenge of climate change is no less real today than it was before the financial crisis. Addressing climate change is part of laying the foundations for long term economic growth."

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