Monday, July 28, 2008

Greenpeace protests against coal carriers

Source: Fairfax Media

28 July 2008

Australian police have detained four Greenpeace activists after they painted 10 coal ships with anti-coal export slogans off the coast of Mackay in central Queensland.

The four people were in a group of nine protesters who approached the ships in three small inflatable boats early this morning, Greenpeace spokesperson Louise Clifton said.

The protest began about 6am and continued until a police boat arrived at the scene around 9.30am.

The green group is protesting the Queensland Government's plans to double coal exports in the next 20 years.

"The action was all about trying to highlight the contradiction between Prime Minister Rudd and Premier Bligh's stated intention to urgently reduce greenhouse pollution while presiding over a doubling of Australia's coal exports,"

Greenpeace campaigner Simon Roz said.

"Greenhouse pollution doesn't know any borders so coal burnt anywhere will be destroying pristine environments all around the globe including the Great Barrier Reef and the Murray Darling."

Queensland exports roughly 80 per cent of all coal mined in the state, according to a November 2007 report from the Department of Mines and Energy.

Coal exports are worth at least A$16 billion to the Queensland economy each year.

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