Monday, May 25, 2009

The New Green Economy

The new green economy will ensure economic prosperity and create new green jobs.

The new green economy will ensure energy independence and self-sufficiency.

The new green economy will use clean, safe, natural sources of energy that will never run out.

The new green economy will get pollution under control.

The new green economy will make polluters pay for their own mess, so we protect our health and the health of our children.

The new green economy will preserve the majesty of our land (and the Great Barrier Reef).

The new green economy will reverse the deterioration of our atmosphere.

The new green economy will harness (Australian) ingenuity.

The new green economy will protect the future for our children.

The idea for this post came from reading "Speaking to Americans about climate change" and "Six Americans - which one are you?". I do realise that Americans and Australians are relatively different (socially), but they do also share many similarities (e.g. just think of Gridiron versus AFL). I decided to put the words "new green economy" with the main messages coming out of the 'Speaking to Americans' report. I have also throw in some "powerful images", although I realise that I should have more people in the images (more relevent to most people - look at magazine covers - they almost always have a face or person on them). Anyway, it was only a quick post idea.

I also understand that the message needs to be localised to be effective, but I have tried to get the core message without losing too much of the flavour of the message (i.e. using plain, values orientated language that resonates with the audiences underlying values and beliefs) so that it can be broadly understood (hopefully).

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