Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lessons learnt ???

These are the 12 lessons outlined by the European Environment Agency:

(1). Acknowledge and respond to ignorance, uncertainty and risk in technology appraisal.

(2). Evaluate alternative options for meeting needs, and promote robust, diverse and adaptable technologies.

(3). Provide long-term environmental and health monitoring and research into early warnings.

(4). Ensure use of ‘lay’ knowledge, as well as specialist expertise.

(5). Identify and work to reduce scientific ‘blind spots’ and knowledge gaps.

(6). Account fully for the assumptions and values of different social groups.

(7). Identify and reduce interdisciplinary obstacles to learning.

(8). Maintain regulatory independence of interested parties while retaining an inclusive approach to information and opinion gathering.

(9). Account for real-world conditions in regulatory appraisal.

(10). Identify and reduce institutional obstacles to learning and action.

(11). Systematically scrutinize claimed benefits and risks.

(12). Avoid ‘paralysis by analysis’ by acting to reduce potential harm when there are reasonable grounds for concern.


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