Tuesday, August 18, 2009

AFL goes green

In its efforts to help fight climate change the AFL (Australian Football League) has made Round 20 a GREEN round.

Now you may be wondering if this is helpful or just green wash? (After all, a green ball on green grass does seem a bit silly. Also on view were green umpires and green goal umpire flags and even a recycling symbol in the centre of the ground.)

Still, it did seem to be a positive start, in that, it did help to raise the issue of climate change and there were also some resources available if people wanted to find out more (and hopefully act). In did seem a bit 'light green' in its approach and suggestions, but it is a good starting point given AFL has such a wide following in Australia. It is a 'step by step' approach rather than a 'radical change' approach.

I will just have to wait and see what 'grows' out of the project. Hopefully a lot more to come as the AFL heads towards becoming 'carbon neutral'. Anyway, I like the photo below.

Photo: Judd and Rudd (and in the background Andrew Demetriou, Penny Wong and Kate Ellis) in Canberra on Tuesday to launch AFL Green Round.

More on the AFL green round here.

If you have never seen AFL check out:

video (3 minutes) or this video (1 minute).

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