Thursday, July 02, 2009

Positions of the major GHG emitting countries

I was looking around for some information on the GHG emission reduction policy positions of different countries (leading up to Copenhagen). Anyway, this information came through on the climate-l listserve (today).

The Finnish Institute of International Affairs' (UPI-FIIA) research programme on the International Politics of Natural Resources and the Environment has recently published the following publications that discuss the positions of major greenhouse gas emitting countries:

Climate sudoku: Japan's bumpy ride towars a post-2012 target

by Alex Luta
24 June 2009 -- UPI Briefing Paper 36

The Russian debate on climate doctrine: Emerging issues on the road to Copenhagen

by Anna Korppoo
5 June 2009 -- UPI Briefing Paper 33

Towards a new climate regime? Views of China, India, Japan, Russia and the United States in the road to Copenhagen

by Anna Korppoo, Linda Jakobson, Johannes Urpelainen, Antto Vihma, Alex Luta
4 May 2009 -- UPI Report 19

Also see the blog articles related to the Major Emitters:

Medvedev promised to cut emissions - or did he?
by Anna Korppoo, 23 June 2009

Is the new 'climate doctrine' marking a turning point in Russian policy?
by Anna Korppoo, 24 April 2009

Japanese Opinion Poll Supports 7% Emission Cuts
by Alex Luta, 26 May 2009

Additional complexities for Japanese mid-term target
by Alex Luta, 18 May 2009

Economy versus the Environment on Japan's Road to Copenhagen
by Alex Luta, 22 April 2009

For more information on the research programme on the International Politics of Natural Resources of the UPI-FIIA, please visit their hompage:

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