Thursday, July 02, 2009

Climate simulator (C-Learn)

This also came through the listserve today. C-Learn is quick and easy to use software that shows the outcomes of various climate change scenarios (above shows "Business as Usual"). Worth checking out!
Anyway, here is the message:

We are thrilled to announce the launching of C-Learn, an online freeware interactive climate simulator.


Check it out at:


C-Learn is the 3-region version of the scientifically-reviewed policy-maker-oriented 15-20 region simulator "C-ROADS" built by Sustainability Institute, Ventana Systems, and MIT. You may have seen C-ROADS output in Jonathan Pershing's plenary presentation in April at Bonn. The simulator is being used by the Climate Action Initiative to support the UNFCCC negotiations with analysis and interactive policy exercises.

C-Learn allows users to test changes in fossil fuel emissions (in 3 global regions), deforestation, and afforestation and observe graphical and numerical results for CO2 concentrations, temperature, sea level rise, cumulative emissions, and emissions per capita.

C-Learn software, equations and interface will be shared using open source approaches via Climate Interactive, a partnership of organizations out of Sustainability Institute working to address climate change.

More information:

C-ROADS Overview:

Scientific Review Results:

Project blog:

The slides Pershing presented:

Direct link to C-Learn:

Sustainability Institute: and

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