Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Book on Climate Change by Robert Repetto

Picture: Cover of the Robert Repetto's new book America's Climate Problem

Robert Repetto has released a new book  on Climate Change called America's Climate Problem: The Way Forward. Note: as a taste, the publisher 'Earthscan' has released Chapter 6 on Winning the Battle Over Climate Policy.

The free chapter alone is worth a look! It was interested to see the five lines of defence used by Climate Change denialists (my summary of pages 153-154).
1st line of defence is denial: 'It's not true; the science is flawed or incomplete'

2nd line of defence: 'It may be happening but it’s not harmful'.

3rd line of defence: 'It may be happening but we can’t stop it'.

4th line of defence: (the economic arguments) ‘It may be happening and may cause some harm, but trying to stop it would cost far more damage to the economy and is therefore not worth doing.’ 

5th line of defence: ‘the costs should fall on somebody else, not on me.’
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