Saturday, August 02, 2008

More Australians are going solar

Here is a story on the growing uptake of solar power in Australia. While this is good news, a national feed in tariff is still required to really drive the industry. The economic incentive of being paid to provide solar power for others (by feeding it into the grid) would help to convince more Australians to make the switch to renewable energy.
August 02, 2008

GOVERNMENT figures on the solar panel rebate take-up show the solar industry is moving from strength to strength, the Clean Energy Council (CEC) said today.Environment Minister Peter Garrett said today an average of 522 applications have been lodged weekly since the Federal Budget announcement of the $8000 rebate.

"The rebate scheme, particularly in the last two years, has allowed the industry to build capacity and capability. "

However the industry is now ready to transition to a nationally consistent gross feed in tariff.

This policy will deliver the long-term certainty needed for investment and jobs growth.'' Mr Jackson said the figures demonstrated that the Australian solar PV industry continued to move from strength to strength.



Brittany said...

i'm all about going green and i wish america would

just responding to your comment-

i'm very ecocentric
i think that humans are simply people living in nature and we should respect it like native americans did

as for pragmatic or deep ecology
i'm not quite sure
i know that not all humans will ever feel we are equals to other organisms and hence i believe in being practical
but like i said before, i feel we are just visitors on earth and we should respect it more

i have not looked into ecofeminism at all.

i hope this answers your questions
thank you for commenting =)

Me said...

I don't understand why every house in every post industrialized nation is not equipped similarly.